SUP board rental

     You can swim in Lake Sargova or surf with a SUP board.                                            SUP for a son 10 EUR / 2 hour                                                         Each additional hour is 5 EUR                                                         SUP board rental 30.00 EUR / day                 

       Swimwear for both adults and children is available.                                          

Bicycle rental

    Bicycle ride on forest trails, around the lake, bicycle routes.             3.50 EUR / per hour for one bicycle

           Bicycle with child seat 4.00 EUR / per hour

          Helmets, pumps are available.

Boat rental

Don't miss your most wonderful adventure on the water.

Boat with 2 oars 3.50 EUR / per hour

Boat with 2 oars 15.00 EUR / day

Swimvests are available for both adults and children.

 Projector rental

You can connect a laptop, phone, tablet, USB drive and watch your favorite movie on the big screen

Projector rental 10.00 EUR / day

Garden and board game rental

Enjoy time with children, family

Game rental 10.00 EUR / 3 games

  Latvian dark - headed sheep

It is possible to be with friendly animals - lambs, sheep, to do field work.

  Sauna rental

Enjoy the magic of a sauna! Gain strength and relax.

                         Sauna rental 30.00 EUR / 2 hours

Special offer

Dome NIEDRES (2 + 3)
Water pleasures - 3 SUP boards or boat (4 hours)
Cycling (4 hours)
90 €

Dome ŪDENSROZE (2 + 1)
Water pleasures - 3 SUP boards or boat (4 hours)
Cycling (4h)
75 €

               Tub rental   

The wood-heated tub is a great opportunity to enjoy water relaxation and the beauty of Latgale's natural landscapes.

Tub rental will also be a great gift for the holidays at any time    of the year.

Hot tub rental 50.00 EUR / 1 evening